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15 Ideas for a Memorable Housewarming Party

You’re finally ready to invite friends and neighbors into your new house, but before you send out invitations, take a few minutes to plan out how to make your party special. The best housewarming parties encourage old friends to visit your new digs and help foster new friendships with your neighbors!

handwritten1. Include a Handwritten Note

Printed invitations are a worthy and budget-friendly time saver, but don’t be afraid to add a quick note to entice new neighbors to attend. A simple “Hope to see you there!” will increase your chances of a higher turn-out and shows that you are truly excited to host your guests.







neighborhood2. Include Directions

In the age of GPS navigation systems, it might be easy to forgo step-by-step directions. By including a simple map, hand-drawn or pulled from the internet, it’ll show your guests that you’ve taken the extra step to help them feel welcome. Plus, it will probably decrease the chances of anyone getting lost on the way to your new place!







loungechairs3. Welcome Friends of Friends

Etiquette may frown on people bringing uninvited guests, but meeting friends of friends is a great way to expand your social circle. Therefore, encourage coworkers and new neighbors to bring friends if they’d like.







appetizers4. Finger Foods Galore

To encourage mingling, skip a sit-down dinner and offer plenty of finger foods. Label each food so guests with dietary restrictions know what they can safely eat.









birdcage5. DIY Party Favors

A simple DIY party favor can provide your guests with a cute keepsake of your amazing house party! By printing out colorful tags or cards with your new address, guests will know exactly where they can send you a “Thank you” note after they leave. You can even tie these tags on to bags of candy or nuts for an even tastier party favor!







theme6. Theme It Up

Having a themed party makes it easy to plan menus and decorations. You can also try coupling your housewarming with a holiday party. For example, a Halloween get-together that’s scheduled immediately after trick-or-treating can be a great way to meet the neighbors and initiate new friendships.

playlist7. Create an Awesome Playlist

With just a few minutes spent on your computer, you can put together an amazing playlist that will start your party off right. If your new house has the space, consider moving furniture out of the way to create a makeshift dance floor. With the right tunes, your guests will be more than willing to get their groove on!







guestbook8. Have a Guestbook

Before your guests arrive, set up a fun and brightly colored guest book and place it by the front door. Ask your guests to sign it and add their contact information as well as any great tips for your new neighborhood, your new building, or if you’re new to homeownership, some tips to make the transition smoother!







welcome9. Designate a Greeter

It’s easy to get distracted as the host of a party, but if you have an open house party, it’s imperative that you have someone manning the door at all times. If you’re not that gregarious, pick a trusted relative who’s ready to enthusiastically greet guests, take their coats and help them mingle with one another.

games10. Have Some Activities on Hand

The best activities are short, don’t require everyone to participate and are plenty of fun for all ages. Try renting a karaoke machine, stock up on a few simple card games or have a game of charades ready to go.








partygifts11. Keep Gifts Out of the Way

If you’re lucky enough to receive gifts, find a spot to put them where they won’t be noticed. Sitting around while opening gifts is a guaranteed party killer. Plus, every good host knows that you should always focus on your guests and save the presents for later!







livingroom12. Skip the Grand Tour

Instead, give quick, individual house tours to people as you meet them. This plan ensures that you get a chance to have a one-on-one chat with everyone at your party and they get to see your new digs!

freshbathroom13. Spiff Up the House

Unlike other parties, guest will expect to see most of the rooms in your house during the house tour. Before you give them a tour, be sure that each room is spotless, no laundry is left on the floor and that the trash has been taken out.








casual_hammock14. Keep it Casual

Save the fancy cocktail party for another gathering. Your guests will likely be more comfortable in their casual attire, and besides, your floors may thank you for saving them from the effects of high heels and wooden soles.








mailbox15. Write Thank You Notes

Always remember to be a gracious host and send “Thank you” cards to all of your guests after the party. Keep it simple and buy a small card that will only fit a few lines of text. Be casual and genuine – now’s the time to let them know that you hope to see them again soon!








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